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Question of the Week - Risks of Clitoral Stimulation Loss

By March 14, 2004

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Q: I'm doing some research for my girlfriend as she is considering getting a genital piercing, but is concerned about losing feeling in her clitoris. After reading your article, she is considering the inner labia procedure or the horizontal clitoral hood. Are both these procedures reasonably safe? Should she be concerned about losing sensation in her clitoris with either procedure? Which procedure will provide more stimulation if done correctly?

A: The piercings that run the risk of causing her to lose clitoral sensitivity are ones that go directly through or under the clitoris, such as the clitoral or triangle piercings. Other female genital piercings such as labia, inner labia and clitoral hood pose little to no danger to the clitoris and are much safer in general.

One note that should be made regarding clitoral hood piercings - Most women are anatomically suited for one or the other and usually don't have the option of choosing which one they want. This is determined by a professional piercer during consultation - they can help the client decide which piercing would be best for optimum stimulation and comfort.


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