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I was bowling with my family yesterday when a lady 3 lanes down from us called over to me and complimented my tattoo. I was gracious and said thank you - we all like to be complimented - but I couldn't help but wonder how much of my tattoo she could actually see from 3 lanes away. And if she really couldn't see it, what was she basing her compliment on? I'm sure she could tell from her position that it was colorful, but being colorful doesn't necessarily make a tattoo good.

I happen to know my tattoo is good and I have a great artist, but too many people see a cool design or pretty colors and are quick to compliment it and assume it's a piece of art, when a lot of them are actually a piece of crap. It's like those who think a $3 bottle of Arbor Mist is just as good as a fine Italian imported wine. I don't care if you discriminate about your wine, but you should be picky when it comes to your ink! It's something that is permanent, sometimes painful and can be quite expensive - why would you settle for anything less than exquisite?

The range of artist talent available across the globe is vast, and skill doesn't have to mean excessive price, either. Some of the more famous artists may charge hefty fees for their time, but there are thousands of lesser-known artists out there that are just as good and charge reasonably. Shop around and do some research before you choose an artist. Being discriminate will ensure that the compliments you get are genuine.


March 16, 2008 at 7:12 pm
(1) Russell says:

hahaha. too funny, and i agree. “a piece of crap” can get you just as many compliments from a wanna be coolio, as a great tattoo can get from another inkster or inked person. thats pretty funny, karen. and true!!

March 27, 2008 at 5:14 pm
(2) Rebecca says:

I never ceased to be amazed at how many people proudly show me something their friend or brother or brother’s cousin’s friend did on them, and ask me “Isn’t it good?” The most diplomatic answer I can come back with is, “I can tell you like it a lot”. As long as they like it, good for them – most people are just pleased to have a tattoo, and are not really concerned about the quality. Those who take the time to research and learn what makes a tattoo ‘good’, and choose their artist carefully are a blessing.

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