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In the News: Food Stylist Pulled From Flight Over Knuckle Tattoos

By November 21, 2010

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Adam Pearson, a renowned food stylist (someone who makes the food look really pretty for photos), was escorted off a Delta flight after a passenger reported him as looking "suspicious" because of his "Atom Bomb" knuckle tattoos. The tattoo that spans across his fingers is based on a nickname Pearson has had since childhood. After being questioned and assuring everyone that he was not a threat, he was allowed to return to his flight (and endure the stares and whispers by fellow passengers). What's the point of invading everyone's privacy and exposing them to cancerous radiation during pre-flight scans if all anyone has to do is point at someone and say they look suspicious? Delta has neither apologized for nor commented on the incident, but Pearson (due to his heavy following) has caused quite a stir amongst his fans. Delta is probably not commenting yet because they're still consulting with their lawyers. Pearson says he's not out for blood, but maybe he should be.

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November 21, 2010 at 4:57 pm
(1) Rose Cat says:

So now I have to ‘justify’ my tats?

How long before I have to explain the Kanji on my inner arm; it might read something unAmerican, after all if I had nothing to hide why isn’t it in English?

The memorian paw prints for my past dogs must mean an obsession with death… sad to say with enough (ill) intent anyone can make even the most benign tat into something threatening.

The sad thing is they could have just sent someone to lean over and quietly ask him in his seat what the meaning was and saved him embarrassment of being frog marched off the plane (and luckily been able to return to his scheduled flight) and Delta all the egg on their faces for being such idiots.

Seriously, I am going to have ‘atom bomb’ tattooed openly on my body so I can go blow up your plane.

November 22, 2010 at 3:12 pm
(2) Nick says:

There wasn’t even a need to have someone ask him about it. until they invent exploding tattoos, it’s no one’s business. Before you know it, someone will be able to point at you and scream “Witch,” and they’ll haul you off to the stake.

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