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Jodie Michalak

Reader Inquiry: A Mom's Inspiration for Her Son's Name Tattoo

By January 22, 2013

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At times I like to spy on my readers. I click a few buttons and head into my internal search screen and see just what they've searched for on my site. There's usually the old standbys; nipple piercing, penis tattoo pictures and clit rings, but at times there are some phrases and searches with substance. Not that those aren't legit. In fact, should you be so curious you can read all about penis tattoos here.

When I see these "strings" of content jump out at me, I can't help but answer some of the posed questions, even when the reader has long been gone and perhaps taken their search somewhere else.

The latest search phrase that caught my eye was this:

What would be a good tattoo to go with my son's name?

I'm going to answer this search inquiry directly with hopes this mysterious reader might be back. In the future, never fear to email for direct advice. I can be reached at tattoo@aboutguide.com.

Name tattoos are a huge commitment, but nothing a parent can't handle. The good news is unlike love gone bad, most people never regret name tattoos that honor their immediate family members and kids.

How old is your son? My first suggestion would be anything that reminds you of him. Maybe a song, or a favorite children's book comes to mind. Perhaps any scene from either could be depicted into a tattoo?

Zodiac astrology symbols are another idea to honor a loved one in a less inconspicuous way. How about sports or hobbies that your son has excelled in? You could also go by way of a fine art style tattoo and opt for something that embraces the vision of motherhood, with a scene of mother and child.

Other ideas include footprint or handprint tattoos, and of course portraits. You can find inspiration nearly anywhere, just look closely and listen. Perhaps it's just a heart tattoo?

Best of luck!


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