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Body Art For the Nails


These cool nail rings are a great way to decorate your hands and nails. They are designed to go right over the nail. This can really jazz up your look if you don't have time to get your nails painted but want something stylish. Nail rings are available at bodyjewelry.com and come in a wide variety of styles and colors. These are awesome little snakes that wrap around your nail and would go really well with a witch costume.


These are different colored gem rings. You can buy a set of gems in the same color or you can wear a different color on each nail. They are really quite comfortable, and although I wouldn't recommend you wear them to work if you type a lot, these are a great accessory to wear to the club any time of year. If you have short nails, these can make them look extended without expensive manicuring and maintenance.

Here are a couple closeups of the two styles shown above. They are so shiny that they really don't photograph very well, but they look absolutely beautiful. The snake rings also stretch enough to make a nice pinky ring if you don't want to wear them on your nails. If you want to see the other styles available, visit bodyjewelry.com.

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