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Tattoos: No Hands, No Feet, No Face – Why?

Finding an Artist to Do the Tattoo


Finding an Artist to Do It
If you’re really determined to get one of these tattoos and you’re having trouble finding an artist willing to do it for you, don’t be discouraged. If there is a particular artist you really want to have do it, but they have a policy against it, you can always try talking to them and assuring them that you are aware of the risks and willing to accept them. Agree to sign a form releasing them of any responsibility in the event that anything goes wrong with the tattoo. Recognize and agree that touch-ups will more than likely not be free, and that to maintain the quality of your tattoo, touch-ups may be necessary on a regular basis. If they still refuse to do the tattoo, the only thing you can really do is keep looking. There are tattoo artists out there that will do hand, foot and hand tattoos – it’s just a matter of finding them. Check your local phone book or branch out by searching other areas around you through online studio directories.

Keep in mind, though, that an artist that will do such a tattoo could simply understand the need and desire for all kinds of art – or they could just be willing to take your money and don’t care about you or any future consequences of your decision. Make sure you choose your artist wisely, and take very good care of your tattoo.

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