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Male Genital Piercings: Foreskin


NOTE: The following page contains content and material of a sexual nature which may be inappropriate for children and may be offensive to some adults. Please use this page responsibly.

Male Genital: Foreskin Piercing [Picture]

The foreskin piercing is obviously limited to the uncircumcised penis. Unlike ancient times when this was used as a chastity device for slaves, today it is used for sexual enhancement. The foreskin can be pierced with either single or multiple piercings. There are not too many complications usually involved with this piercing, although rough sexual activity could cause the piercing to tear. Care should be taken to ensure the piercing is well healed and stable enough before engaging in sexual intercourse.

Recommended jewelry:12 gauge captive bead ring or circular barbell.

Expected healing time: 2-4 months

Sexual limitations: Abstinence for one week, and careful sexual interaction afterward. Condom should be used until completely healed.

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