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Male Genital Piercing - Guiche (Perineum)


NOTE: The following page contains content and material of a sexual nature which may be inappropriate for children and may be offensive to some adults. Please use this page responsibly.

Male Genital: Guiche (Perineum) Piercing

The Guiche (geesh') is also known as the Perineum because of its location. This is not a very common piercing because of the associated complications. The piercing itself is located under the scrotal sac near the anus. Due to temperature, lack of ventilation and perspiration, this piercing can be difficult to heal. There is also a large risk of jewelry migration and/or rejection, as it is essentially a surface piercing. This piercing is not recommended for men who ride bicycles or spend a large amount of their day sitting.

Recommended jewelry: 12 - 10 gauge captive bead ring.

Expected healing time: 4 - 6 months

Sexual limitations: Abstinence for one week, and after that just exercise care not to tear or rip the jewelry out. A condom should be worn until it is completely healed.

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