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Hafada/Scrotum: Genital Piercings for Men


NOTE: The following page contains content and material of a sexual nature which may be inappropriate for children and may be offensive to some adults. Please use this page responsibly.

Male Genital: Hafada/Scrotum

The scrotum piercing has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that the scrotum can pretty much be pierced anywhere and is relatively painless due to the thin elasticity of the skin. The disadvantages are that the location and placement of the piercings can be irritated easily and make the healing process difficult. Natural perspiration and lack of ventilation can suffocate the piercing and make it difficult to heal. Scrotum piercing placement (depth) is very critical, as the sac cannot be penetrated or it could cause severe infection.

Shaving the scrotum can be helpful in aiding the healing process, but care should be taken to ensure it is rinsed clean of any soap or shaving product afterward.

Recommended jewelry: 14 - 12 gauge captive bead ring.

Expected healing time: 2 - 4 months

Sexual limitations: Caution is advised, as rough sexual play can cause it to tear.

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