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Female Genital Piercing: Horizontal Clit Hood


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Horizontal Clitoral Hood [Picture]

The horizontal hood piercing is most popular for its attractive look. It's downfall is that unless the piercing is placed exactly correct and your anatomy is perfectly suitable for this piercing, it does not provide much stimulation to the clitoris.

The piercing must be placed just right so that when you are in a standing upright position, the bead rests on the top of the clitoris. The clitoral stimulation can be inhibited further by the clitoral hood if it covers it completely. For the best results, have your clitoral anatomy examined by your piercer first and let them recommend whether you are best suited for a horizontal or vertical hood piercing. Most people are only suited for one or the other.

If the piercing is done correctly, when pressure is applied it will provide some stimulation to the clitoris. Larger gauge jewelry will provide more stimulation from the weight.

Recommended jewelry for this piercing would be a 12 or 14 gauge captive bead ring or circular barbell.

Estimated healing time: 6-8 weeks

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