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Female Genital Piercings: Outer Labia


NOTE: The following page contains content and materials of a sexual nature which may be inappropriate for children and may be offensive to some adults. Please use this page responsibly.

Outer Labia [Picture]

Not as well suited for most women, outer labia piercings can be done as a single piercing or multiple piercings on either or both sides. Outer labia piercings tend to be rejected (skin rejects the piercing by pushing the jewelry right out) more often than inner labia piercings.

Labia piercings were once often used by men to prevent wives and slaves from having sexual intercourse with other men. Both outer labias would be pierced with a lock holding them together. Other cultures have used the piercings for decorative purposes only.

Labia piercings can easily be aggrivated by tight clothing and sweat. Wear proper clothing and exercise diligent hygiene to prevent infection. Feminine deodorant sprays should be avoided during the healing process.

Recommended jewelry for labia piercing is 12 to 10 gauge captive bead ring.

Estimated healing time: 8-12 weeks.

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