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Anyone Underage Considering Getting Their Tongue Pierced


"To anyone who is underage and considering getting their tongue pierced, (or anything for that matter) talk it over with your parents first. There is a place close to where I live that doesn't card. I had talked to my mom about it first and I knew that she would hate it. I went ahead and did it anyways. When I came home that first night, she thought that I was on drugs because my tongue was so swollen that my speech was slurred. She found out about it 2 days after I got it done, and because my tongue was so swollen, I couldnt take it out. I was grounded from damn near everything except work for a month, which is forever when you are 17. I finally took it out about a month later. She still doesn't trust me to do anything almost 6 months later, and she completely hates my best friend because she went with me to get it done.

If you are wondering, it doesn't hurt at all and I am getting it done again. As soon as I turn 18 that is."


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