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Frenum Piercing Improves Sex Life

Frenum Piercing Improves Sex Life


frenum piercing

"People get pierced for a variety of reasons ranging from entering a new relationship, expression of individuality, increased pleasure during sex to the ever popular "the devil made me do it". The following is my experience:

About 5 months ago, I was prescribed an anti-depressant medication which one of its' side effects was sexual dysfunction (decreased ability to orgasm). My Doctor assures me this is temporary until I complete my 9-month medication period. As I noticed a substantial decrease in the intensity of my orgasm occurring I remembered reading about how certain genital piercings can increase sensitivity and pleasure.

I discussed this with a piercer (rather embarassing) and she suggested a Frenum might be helpful. The skin under the head of penis is pierced and a straight barbell or other jewelry is inserted. The idea behind this is to improve sensitivity and ultimately gives more pleasure.

The actual piercing went smooth. First the area was cleaned and disinfected, then the entry and exit points carefully marked. This is important as people and their parts are not all created symmetrical. Forceps were used to pinch the two layers of skin together. When ready, Kryss the piercer, asked me to breathe deeply and on my third exhale she pierced me. I felt a bit of pain, but nothing unbearable like I expected. The barbell was inserted and the end ball screwed on and tightened. Nothing to it. I looked "kool" with it. Also received an aftercare kit, verbal and written instructions how to care for my new piece of steel.

Since that fateful day, I have got back to enjoying sex. The added sensitivity of the Frenum has definitely intensified my orgasms. Last week I got a second Frenum about 5/8" lower than the first. Hope I am not getting addicted to this as eventually I plan on adding several more to complete what is called a Frenum ladder.

I hope that you find this information interesting. Maybe a Frenum is what the Doctor should have prescribed to begin with and not the medication."


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