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Clit Clitoris Piercing Experience


I will never forget my first (exotic) body piercing!!

After driving around in the car with one of my friends, out of no where I told her that I wanted to get some body piercings. Having thought about it for a long time, before I knew it we were on our way to look about me getting my clit pierced.

When I walked in I was a little nervous but more excited and in disbelief that I was getting it done. After talking to Dice (the guy who pierced me) for a while and asking all the questions I could think of I was ready to go through with it! As I lay down in the chair I felt pretty good wasn't really nervous at all. In fact I remember the guy up front that I talked to along with Dice before hand telling me before I went in the room that I was a very courageous 17 year old, not to mention that this was the FIRST body piercing I ever got (however not the last)!!! Honestly I tell you I was not in the chair for longer then 5 minutes, and also I tell you that for me it did not hurt at all, not one bit!!! Although just cuz it doesn't hurt for me does not mean that it won't hurt for you, I really recommend that you talk with them and ask ANYTHING you are questioning before going through with it.

Also they say that there is not suppose to be any sexual activity for like a month afterwards, well honestly if they are gentle oral sex can feel pretty damn good even a couple days after getting your clit pierced. But now that I have it for almost a year, it truly is one of the best things I have ever done, cuz it really does make oral sex UNBELIEVABLE!! (My man would also agree with that)

Personal Recommendations: first of what ever you DO NOT take it over night or even more then a couple hour's span. I speak from experience after leaving mine out for almost 24 hours and having the majority of it close up, and repairing half of it on your own - yes, can we say OUCH!!! I PROMISE you it does not hurt if you get it professionally done, just talk with them first about it.

Secondly: VERY IMPORTANT LADIES... if you are the type that like to be kept "well groomed" down there, I would recommend shaving what you want before getting anything pierced. Cuz after the piercing, I will tell you it does make shaving a challenge

Lastly: if you live in or around Syracuse NY I would highly recommend going to Skin Funk and getting Dice to do it cuz it is a clean place I have there more then once for piercings and am very satisfied with the out come.


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