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Nipple and Clit Hood Piercing Experience


I decided to write in because I have just gotten my newest piercings this past Saturday. Previously, I had just a tongue piercing (which I definitely recommend for those of you wondering if you should go through with it), but I decided to get my left nipple and my clit hood pierced.

You hear all the horror stories with getting clits pierced, and to tell you the truth, most piercers won't even do the actual clit because most women don't have a large enough one...opt for the hood and you're A-OK. I called around and asked about good reputations, because the place I had originally gone to for my tongue had moved. I ended up going to Cincinnati Tattoo and Piercing. There were lots of people in there, which reaffirmed the fact that they were well-known and trusted.

The guy at the front asked me what kind of jewelry I wanted, and I chose a 14g ring for my nipple, and the same for my hood. When I went back to be pierced, I had the owner of the studio who has been doing piercings for over 35 yrs, which was a relief to me. (You definitely don't want someone screwing up on those piercings!) He told me that what I chose for my nipple was the best, and that it was a little bigger because you wouldn't want an initial ring too small because of the swelling. He was very professional, I didn't feel awkward at all. He put the clamps on, I grabbed my leg and the chair, and took a breath and BAM, it was in. He told me that I was one of the best he has had as far as not moving, and it was probably because it didn't hurt so bad. Although it hurt a little worse than my tongue piercing, it felt like a little rough play that is maybe just a tad more than you would actually like.

Next was the clit piercing, and he told me that most people tell him that it's not as bad. He told me that instead of the ring I chose that the barbell would be better for me because I play sports and that it wouldn't get in the way. He also told me that a vertical piercing would be better for my body type. He said that he was going to put it slightly to the side because I had a vein that he didn't want to hit. So I lay down and he put the clamps on. OMG I thought this hurts like hell! He loosened up the clamps for me, and that was a lot better. But the anticipation in my head was terrible, because I kept thinking, 'ok, if those clamps hurt that bad, what is the piercing gonna feel like?' I grabbed onto the table and he told me to take a breath...I did and WHAM! It was all I could do to not scream. I muttered O MY GOD, as I'm sure every vein in my neck immediately stood out. It hurt SO BAD. It hurt so bad that all the tensing that I did when he put the needle thru, made tears run down my eyes (not crying, just watering) BUT! I am not saying this to discourage you from doing it, I am merely telling you the true testament to my story. He took the clamps off and it felt almost like nothing happened. The piercing did not get caught, and I just went and sat in the car, drove home and went out that night. All I have to do is wash both piercings out twice a day with normal antibacterial soap...can't get any easier than that!

I can say though, that I will get a barbell once my nipple heals, it is hard to keep the ring from getting caught on things. But my advice to you is that although I haven't gotten the chance to use them yet, they are beautiful. For the amount of quick pain, it was definitely worth it. I hope that my story may have helped you out a bit, and that it will convince you to get it done.


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