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Hood Piercing Leads to Romance?

Hood Piercing Leads to Romance?


I told him that I didn't think it would hurt more than the Brazilian bikini wax, and he agreed and we actually chatted about waxing, as he'd been waxed to show off his tattoos. He claimed that sugaring was the way to go...it hurt less than waxing.

Now, I had an idea that my friend might have been a bit interested in me, but I think she was really enjoying the view of my freshly waxed labia. After he was done marking the spot, I asked if he wouldn't mind taking a photo of my piercing and he asked if I wanted him to take a "before" photo as well--I said "why not" and pulled out the camera and he snapped a photo or two.

After the photo session, he donned a fresh pair of gloves and began preparing the clamp and needle, etc. Now, after working as a vet tech, I took notice that all the instruments were either sterile and disposable or had been autoclaved in steri-paks. This is a very good thing.

Feeling kind of flirtatious (as one might as a cute boy has been paying close attention to her vagina for the past 10 minutes or so), I asked Tyler if my clitoris looked relatively normal compared to the others he had seen. Now, this was the cutest thing because instead of just giving me a half-assed "yes," he actually stopped his preparations and came over to take another look before answering that yes, my clitoris looked in proportion, modestly adding "from what I've seen, anyway." What a sweetie!

So, finally, he was ready to begin the piercing and I grabbed my friend's hand and tried to relax. First he clamped off the area, which, honestly, was kind of pleasant and I am not one for S&M, but the pressure on that area was nice. Then he said he was going to begin the piercing and told me to take a deep breath. Now, folks, the most unnerving part about this whole ordeal was that I couldn't really see what he was doing...I felt the needle go in and it was no big deal...felt the same as having a needle of Novocain injected into your gum. Then he paused and told me to take another deep breath. I was thinking, "this is nothing" and took a shallow breath. He said, "No, take a really deep one." I tried to oblige as he passed the needle through the membrane and out the other side.

Now, folks, for about 2 seconds, the pain was very intense. I made a gasp and said "oh my god" under my breath and squeezed my friend's hand. Now, you guys are going to think I am a big perv that enjoys genitorture (and I am starting to wonder myself), but it was very sexual to me. Not that I was exactly aroused, but being able to look up at this new friend and have her there, witnessing me at my most vulnerable, while this needle pierced me, was very sensual to me.

Next, he pulled the ring through, which is the same thickness (in this case, 14-gauge stainless steel) as the needle and attached to the needle, so it was one fluid motion.

He put the bead on and voila! It was done. He got me a mirror and I took one look and it was like being a kid on Christmas! He took the "after" photo, which showed the one little fingerprint sized smudge of blood from the ordeal and that's it. Then he politely asked if he could take a picture of it with his camera, he didn't think he had a horizontal hood photo in his book; of course, being the exhibitionist I am, I said yes. He then left me alone (well, with my friend) to dress, but I couldn't stop looking in the full-length mirror. Somehow, my vagina, cleanly waxed (which Tyler said made his job VERY easy) and with the silver ring sparkling, looked so incredible. My friend just kept saying, "That looks SOOOO cool."

You guys, this was such an intense, erotic experience. If you are considering such a piercing, I would recommend having your partner there with you...it is a very intimate ordeal and in fact, I later confessed to my friend that I felt that I should have kissed her after going through it with her by my side. She admitted that she had wanted to kiss me as well, at several points during the procedure. It was very, very sensual and it made me understand why some people get multiple piercings. In all honesty, I enjoyed it so much that I would let it grow back again and do it all over...but I like it too much!

So, it's been two days since the piercing and I am very proud of it. I have shown the pics to several of my coworkers (I work for a reproductive rights organization, so its not so odd to talk about vaginas!), my boss, and my male friends who encouraged me to do it. All responses have been positive and one of my friends is now considering one as well.

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