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Answers to Embarrassing Questions Continued


I'd really like to get a (clitoris) hood piercing, but I'm so shy. I hate going to my Gyno; how can I handle this?
Getting a piercing you want is nothing like getting an exam you don't want. There are no stirrups, and no speculums. Your can bring a friend if that makes you more comfortable. Your piercer is a professional, just like your doctor. The experience may not be everyday for you, but it is for them. The procedure is over in seconds, and you leave with a great new piercing. The end justifies the means.

I Have Low Sex Drive Problems. Will a Genital Piercing Make Me More Apt to Want Sex?
Unfortunately, no. Once stimulated, a genital piercing can enhance the sexual experience and help you feel more during sex, but it won't arouse you on its own. Low sex drives can be part of a mental or physical problem and should be discussed with your doctor.

Is it true that a tongue piercing can enhance oral sex?
This really depends on both individuals - the one giving (with the tongue ring) and the one receiving. If the one with the tongue ring is not skilled in cunnilingus or fellatio, the receiver may not get any benefit from the tongue ring. If the receiver is not very sensitive to oral stimulation, a tongue ring may not make that much difference. Women tend to gain the most benefit from a pierced partner, because the ball of the ring comes in direct contact with the clitoris. Men who are uncircumcised also (sometimes) gain more benefit because the ball can move the extra skin and serve as a massaging action against the penis.

I want to get a tattoo, but I am currently pregnant. Can I still get the tattoo?
For the safety of yourself and your unborn child, you should not get a tattoo when you're pregnant. Most tattoo shops won't do it, anyway, for safety reasons. Everything you take into your body can affect the baby - why risk it? Getting a tattoo can also lower your immunity to other illnesses while your body heals the tattoo, making you and your child susceptible. In a worst case scenario, if the tattoo became infected, you could pass that infection along to the baby. It's just not worth the risk, and this likewise applies to piercings.

Can I get a tattoo (or piercing) if I'm breastfeeding?
Again, just like when you're pregnant, what goes into your body will affect what eventually goes into the baby. The general rule is no tattoos or piercings until at least 6 weeks after the baby has been weaned. This ensures that your body is back to "normal" and that the child is not dependant on your milk. Then it should be safe for you to get a tattoo or piercing.

I heard that if you do cocaine with a nose piercing there is a greater risk of your cartilage collapsing than with not having one. Is this true?
Drugs that are inhaled through the nose like cocaine destroy the cartilage inside. Although I've never seen a clinical study on the effects of piercings and drug users, it is only logical to assume that a hole in the cartilage could weaken it and increase the speed of decay.

But if you're sniffing coke, you really ought to be more concerned about your health than whether a piercing is going to collapse your cartilage. Please get help.

Can I get a tattoo if I'm on my period?
A tattoo will not affect your period, and being on your period will not affect your tattoo. The only thing you might want to consider is your pain tolerance - if you're already cramping and uncomfortable, you might not want to add the discomfort of a tattoo to that. But there is no reason you can't get a tattoo when you're on your period.

I just got a nose ring about a month ago and there's an embarrassing little bump above my ring. I clean it 2-3 times a day so something like this wouldn't happen. Is this normal or is it infected and how do I get rid of this?
Many people have this problem with piercings in all different locations - I had a terrible one on my tragus. Contrary to what most people say, this is NOT a keloid. Keloids are hard scar tissue that usually have to be surgically removed. However, this bump we sometimes get is usually full of blood, pus and other fun things. Fortunately, the treatment is simple - sea salt soaks 3 times a day should get rid if it in just a few days time. For instructions on how to do a sea salt soak, go to the piercing aftercare page.

I have some lower back fuzz...obviously I would shave it when getting a tattoo there, but is it true that I "should" keep shaving the area after getting the tattoo to keep the ink from fading, breaking up and looking bad?
Hair growth does not hurt a tattoo in any way. Men certainly don't shave their legs and arms after getting a tattoo, and many of them wear great looking tattoos for many years. What damages a tattoo is not caring for it properly before it's healed, or exposing to ultraviolet rays from sunlight or tanning beds. Just be sure to take good care of your tattoo, but shaving isn't a requirement.

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