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The Meanings Behind Common Tattoo Symbols and Designs

Part 2: Cemetery/Tombstones, Astrology/Zodiac and Flower Symbols


Continuing our look at symbols and their meanings, this article will explore the symbolism behind cemetery tombs and gravestone symbols, Astrological signs and symbols of the Zodiac, and the meanings behind many popular flowers. As with the other pages in this series, each link will bring you to the best resources I have found online that illustrate and describe these symbols.

Cemetery Tombs/Gravestone Markings & Statues
I was actually surprised to find out that even gravestone etchings and statues have meanings behind them and are not just randomly selected. Although this may seem an odd set of symbols to include on a tattoo page, I thought many of these would also make beautiful memorial tattoos. When looking for something really special to honor a loved one that has passed on, these pages may prove highly inspirational.

    Cemetery Symbols
    Great pictorial examples of many statues and carvings. Click on the photo for a larger picture, or scroll down the page for the symbolic meanings.
    Death and Symbolism
    Most of these descriptions don't have pictures along with them, but they describe objects most of us would be familiar with anyway.

Astrological/Zodiac Signs & Symbols Many of us believe that the stars and our place in them can actually describe or affect our personality, our mood and our future. These symbols also make popular tattoos, so it's good to have a clear understanding of what they mean.

    Astrology and the Zodiac About's guide to Astrology, Molly Hall, has put together a helpful gallery/glossary of Zodiac glyphs, noting the common astrological symbols and their corresponding signs.
    Sabian Symbols
    Holistic Healing guide, Phylameana lila Desy, helps you find the best resources of all 360 degrees of the Zodiac.

Flower Symbolism Even flowers can sometimes have certain meanings behind them depending on type and even color. Of course, as pointed out in part one of this article, sometimes a rose is just a rose. However, if you'd like to dig into the deeper symbology of popular flowers and herbs, these sites will help you out.

    The Lotus Flower
    About's guide to Holistic Healing, Phylameana Desy, provides a wonderful database of links to explore the meaning of the lotus flower.
    The Meaning of Flowers
    Even flowers, plants and herbs can have their place in the world of symbolism. Did you know Aloe signifies wisdom and integrity? Or that a violet stands for modesty and simplicity? Find definitions and characteristics that accompany these many beauties.
    The Meaning of Roses
    Even more specific than flowers, this site divides roses by maturity and color, and shares the significance and symbolism behind them as individuals or combined with other colors.
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