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Conventional Piercing Guide
Ear - Conch & Conch Orbital


As with most ear piercings, the conch is is a cartilage pierce. Another nickname for this piercing is the "shell", both named after the way this part of the ear resembles the seashell bearing the same name.

A conch piercing is relatively simple to an experienced piercer. The trickiest part is getting matching conchs even, providing you decide to pierce both ears. Because of its secure location near the center of the outer ear, there is little to no chance of rejection or migration.

As with all cartilage piercings, the conch will be subject to soreness and infection if not well cared for. Learn more about general piercing aftercare on the Piercing TLC page.

Recommended Starter Jewelry: 12-16 gauge CBR

Estimated Healing Time: 2 - 12 months

Conch Orbital

The conch orbital piercing runs perpendicular to the standard conch piercing, and actually requires 2 holes to be pierced instead of just one. This allows the ring to "orbit" the ear's cartilage. Recommended jewerly and healing times remain the same.

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