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Cutting, Branding, and Scarification
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Cutting and branding are of the more extreme when it comes to body art. It is also very important to understand safety and how it is done. This page sites FAQ pages, descriptive and informative articles on how it is done, and galleries of this extreme body modification..

BME- Cutting Images
Images of "cutting" during the process and after it has been healed. Quick loading thumbnails linked to full images.

BME-Branding Images
Images of "branding" on human flesh. Several styles and designs. Branding is used many times in sub/dom relationships to signify ownership rights.

BME-Cutting, Branding and Scarification FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about cutting, branding and scarification answered professionally and precisely.

BME-Scarring Images
Images of "scarification", similar to cutting. Easy loading thumbnails linked to full-sized pictures.

Infinite Body Piercing - Branding
Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Infinite Body Piercing is one of the premier studios in the country for branding and cutting. The website also provides great information on the history and procedure, along with pictures.

Nipples And More - Branding
Facts on branding and answers to commonly asked questions, and advice on avoiding infection.

Nipples And More - Scarification
Information on the cutting procedure and how it produces scarification.

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