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Henna and Mehndi Art
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Henna and Mehndi art have been around for over 5,000 years and has become widely appreciated today in many lands. These links will help you to find the resources you need to learn how to do this art yourself at home and what dangers you should be aware of.

Henna and Mehndi Information & FAQ
Detailed information about henna and mehndi. Answers to most common questions and safety information about black henna, which can be dangerous.

Henna and Mehndi Designs
Henna art (mehndi) is a lot of fun and doesn't require a lot of artistic skill. If you need patterns and designs to get you started, here are some free samples from around the web.

Henna and Mehndi Galleries
Henna art (mehndi) can be done in many different ways and styles. See examples and photos of henna art, before and after application.

Henna and Mehndi History
Resources to learn the history of henna art (mehndi). Find out where it came from and how long it has been around.

Henna and Mehndi Recipes
There is bound to be lots of different opinions on an art that has been around as long as mehndi. Here are some of the more popular recipes for making henna paste.

Henna/Mehndi Instructions
These are few examples of how to do mehndi, including how to make henna paste, make a design and apply it. All the info you need to do your first henna tattoo.

Henna and Mehndi Supplies
It can be a difficult task to find the products you need to make henna the right way. Here are some online suppliers that provide the things you need for mehndi.

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