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Vertical Hood Piercing

Hi, I thought I'd e-mail and tell you about my piercing experience because I didn't see where anyone had told you about their vertical hood piercing experiences.

Well, mine was really simple. I went to Big Daddy Dixie Land Tattooz & Body Piercing here in Columbus, Ga. They were so wonderful! We discussed exactly what it was that I was going to be doing and how'd I'd like it done and the benefits of vertical versus horizontal (I was going to go for horizontal at first). After that, we spent another half hour making sure my jewelry would go with my body type so that it wouldn't be gaudy or gawky looking.

After we finished that (I had two piercers there, one was more experienced, and the other was new to the genital piercings and I gave her permission to do mine so that she could gain more knowledge in that area. And I had a bystander there who wanted to get hers done, but wanted to see it done first) Anyways, after we found jewelry that matched my body type, they cleaned me up and lined me up to make sure everything was perfect. Then they pierced it, and right before they pierced me they were like you might feel some tightness and just to breath through it. I definitely felt tightness! But it felt sort of like getting my ears pierced...you know not when you get that first ear pierced but when you get the second ear pierced and you know what kind of pain to expect.

Everything went so smoothly and I'd do it again. I actually would have preferred getting this one done before I had my navel done. I thought my navel was more painful than this. And the outcome is just so gorgeous...My boo absolutely loves the sight of it! Unfortunately we can't do anything right now because I'm still in the healing process but when that time is over he better watch out! ;)


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