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My Labret Piercing Experience with Pictures
A Fish on a Hook

I've been wanting my labret pierced for a long time, but there were a few things holding me back. One was that I was really concerned about how it might affect my teeth and/or gums, and the other was whether or not the piercing would actually "suit" me.
I had thought about it for over two years, and the possibly dental side effects still had me resisting. But I finally decided I needed to get it done for the experience if nothing else - I can't write about a piercing I haven't experienced. I can't advise my readers on a piercing I've never gotten. I decided I was going to do it, and if I had to, I'd just take it out in a few weeks.

It's been over two months now and it's still in. I'm happy to report that I love my labret and have yet to notice any adverse effects to my teeth or gums. I will admit that it was probably the most painful piercing I've gotten to date, but as with all piercings and tattoos, the pain is all worth it in the end.

Since the reason I got the piercing to begin with was to share my experience with you, the readers, here is what a labret piercing is all about.

Step 1:As with all my piercings since moving to Indy, this one was also performed by Billy at Metamorpohosis. The first thing he did (after we discussed the procedure in length) was to make a small mark on the outside and inside of my lip to line up the placement just right. This was done with a lot of care - which is just what you need if you're worried about your teeth and gums. Just the right placement can make all the difference in the world.

Step 2:The next thing he did was to actually measure the thickness of my lip with this little device. It never occured to me that this would be an issue, but it made perfect sense. This helped him to determine the right jewelry length for my piercing - not just for the lip itself, but to allow for initial swelling. It's recommended that the initial jewelry post be replaced by a shorter one after the pierce is mostly healed. This helps with comfort as well as preventing the disc from rubbing unecessarily against the teeth and gums.

Step 3:The next step - the clamp. Not the most fun part of the procedure, but this helps to ensure proper alignment of the needle. It also helps the piercer to be able to pull the lip out away from the face without it accidentally slipping.

Step 4:This is the part when the needle actually goes through the skin. Once Billy was satisfied that he had the needle lined up at the right angle, he asked me if I was ready. That's always when I really start feeling nervous. But this time I was all confident because my tragus was such a breeze, I decided this would be, too. Well, he started pushing that needle through and I could have screamed if my 7 year-old daughter wasn't in the room watching. So, I had to be a brave Mommy and put on my game face, but my hands were clenched so tight I thought I was going to rip a nail off. Thank goodness it was over quickly!

Step 5:At this point, I was trying to get the circulation back in my hands, and Billy told me that I now officially know what it feels like to be a fish on a hook. I swear I will never go fishing again!

Step 6:Now it was time to put the jewelry in. This was not bad at all, so I laid there and relaxed while I caught a glimpse of my daughter checking out my new prize. She asked me if it hurt and I was relieved to be able to honestly say it didn't anymore. I couldn't wait to take a look at it.

The Finished Product: And here it is! As I said in the beginning of this article, I love it. I don't regret it at all, and Billy did a fantastic job as always. Yeah, it hurt, but the fear of pain should never hold you back from getting something you really want. I would still advise anyone that gets this piercing to keep a close eye on their teeth and gums. If you start having any problems, take it out. It's not worth your dental health for a piercing, but it is worth a little pinch and even a few white knuckles. I'm still glad I did it for the experience, but I don't think I'll be taking it out for a while. ;)

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