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Monroe Piercing Experience

Like many kids my age (15, nearly 16) I have an interest in piercings. Out of what I have done my most beloved of them all is my monroe piercing (simulated beauty mark above upper lip). While most girls get their bellybuttons pierced I have an interest in piercings that are not so common, which is why I got my monroe piercing two months ago.

It all started about one month before Christmas. I was getting the itch for a new piercing. First I wanted my tongue done, but that was a DEFINATE NO. So I opted for a less mainstream one and asked for a monroe piercing. My parents said no at first but after four weeks of asking over and over again they broke down and said yes. Two days after Christmas my mom said we could go after my dentist appointment and get my piercing. While at the dentist I was having second thoughts about my piercing. What if it hurts really bad? What if the piercer messes up and has to do it again? After these worries I chickened out and asked the dentist to numb the area of the future hole, and he did.

Flash forward an hour and I'm standing at the counter picking out my labret. I picked a plain surgical steel one with a small purple stud in the ball. Following that I had a 15 minute wait, but finally my moment arrived. I was led into a small room with a window by the chair so other customers can watch piercings if you don't mind. The piercer, who looked like Alec Baldwin, carefully picked out a needle and made sure it was the right side. After cleaning everything he said "Ok, lean back a little(so he could get a better angle) and close your eyes." I thought I'd hear a sort of pop noise after the needle went through my skin (inserted the needle from inside mouth to exit outside of face), but I didn't. After opening my eyes wondering if it was over I looked straight into the mirror and saw my beauty mark. I opened and closed my mouth a few times, feeling the flat back by my gum. It felt really weird, but cool.

After receiving a cleaning sheet and some salt to mix into water for rinsing with the piercer told me what kind of soap to use (anti-bacterial like Dial or Softsoap) and told me I could use any kind of mouthwash so long it doesn't have alcohol in it. Also he told me I would want to pick up some ibuprofen for the swelling.

After debuting my piercing initially I got weird looks and comments, which I still do. My piercing healed really good and finished healing within 3-4 weeks. I have yet to order a specially made labret for my monroe but I have fun changing the balls so my monroe is different then most peoples'. I've only seen one other girl in my town with one, so I feel very unique since the piercing isn't very popular around here.

The only thing I still hate since getting my piercing is when people ask stupid questions like: "Do you know you have a piece of metal above your lip?" I would recommend this piercing to anyone who wants to get one. It's really pretty and it makes you more unique. Also, anytime anyone is in the area of Ames, Iowa, stop at The Asylum in campus town. The workers are professional and cool, plus the setting is VERY sterile.

- Sara S.

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