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My Nipple Piercing Experience


September '99 - Well, I've been planning to do it for a long time, and I finally did - I got my nipples pierced. (No, guys, there will be no pictures in this article..sorry) I was actually pretty nervous going into the studio. It had been over a year since my last piercing, and that was my eyebrow. But I was pretty apprehensive about the pain involved in getting my nipples done. Of course, I've heard lots of horror stories, and it seems that the majority of my friends were totally against the whole idea. I knew it was something I wanted, though, and I finally got up the guts to do it.

I walked into the studio, and yes, I was stone-cold sober. I know that alcohol can thin the blood and increase bleeding, and I didn't need that along with the pain. I went to Taboo Tattoo in Deep Ellum (Dallas) Texas, filled out my paperwork, and nervously waited for the piercer to be ready. Steve (the piercer) walked by and said, "You ready?" I took a deep breath, and thought, "Ready as I'll ever be!"

I walked into his little room, and it reminded me of a doctor's room. The same kind of table/bed type thing, covered with that same crinkly paper. There were jars of piercing supplies on the shelves, and sterilized clamps and needles in little sterilizing pouches, and of course...latex gloves. Steve donned the gloves, and had me stand up to mark where the piercings would go. Then he had me lay down on the table. This is when I started getting really nervous. I felt the cold clamp squeezing around one nipple, and he said, "Ready?" "I guess so!" was all I could say, and then pop! in the needle went. I felt it go in, it hurt, I winced, and then it was over. Next nipple..same thing. Over in less than a second. I was shocked.

Immediately following the piercing, of course they were pretty sore. It's been 4 days now since I had them done, and they're still a little sore. Other than that, cleaning them is no big deal. Sleeping is a little difficult. I don't want to roll over on them. All in all, though, it hasn't been that bad. I wonder what I should get pierced next? (ha-ha!)

Taboo Tattoo is located in Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas. Their piercers there are Joey and, of course, Steve.

February, 2000 - It has now been 5 months since I got my nipples pierced. They have undergone severe torture tests, including my one year old trying to rip one out! (Ouch!) That put my healing back about a month, and I did have some problems with that one side. But now I can say that they are almost completely healed, and I am glad I didn't take them out the times I was so tempted. I have returned to Steve for another piercing - my nose. Maybe I'll write an experience on that one soon.

January, 2002 - I can't believe I've had these piercings so long now. Most of the time I forget they are even there. They did take a while to heal, but I've been very happy with them. They've kind of become a part of me. Since my last update, I've moved to Indiana, where I have another wonderful piercer, Billy. See pictures of my tragus piercing and my friend's tongue piercing with Billy at http://tattoo.about.com/library/weekly/aa041501a.htm

January, 2005 - I just realized how long it had been since I updated this page. I am sad to report that early last year I had to make the decision to remove my piercings. As with almost all of my piercings, after 4 years they started to migrate. It became very painful and I could see that there was really no way to save them, so I removed them before they caused any serious damage to my nipples. They are now fully healed and I have not considered piercing them again. It was fun while it lasted. *smile*

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