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Color Workshop Body Art Blo Pens

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The Bottom Line

Finally, a body art product that is also suitable for boys. It's a little tricky to learn how to use this and not end up with a big blob instead of a tattoo, but all it takes is a little practice. Basically the idea is to simulate air-brush tattoos. It's messy and it does NOT wash off easily like the product claims, but the kids have a blast with it. I give this one a big thumbs up as long as you and your kids don't mind getting a little messy.


  • Nice Stencil Designs
  • Fun & Easy for Kids
  • Good for Boys or Girls


  • Takes Time to Learn
  • Very Messy & Hard to Wash Off


  • Contains 4 blopens, 1 skin pen, 12 reusable stencils
  • Also includes 44 mini stick-on body gems
  • Suitable for all ages, but requires adult supervision

Guide Review - Color Workshop Body Art Blo Pens

This product is really unique compared to the quick stick-on temporary tattoos. It allows kids to be a little more creative, using up to 4 different colors for each design. They can choose from the stencils provided, or create something on their own. The blo pens are fun to use and are safe because they only work one way and can't be inhaled (yes, I tried). The drawback is that it is really messy and the ink does not wash off easily, despite the products' claims.

The stencils actually adhere to the skin, making it easier to keep it still. They are re-usable, but I question how many times the glue will stick before it gives out or the stencils become over-saturated with ink.

Regardless of the mess, this is a good product and fun activity for kids. However, I strongly recommend adult supervision.

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