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9-11-01 WTC Memorial Tattoos


Tattoo by Stacey McCleaf

Collector: "Butch" Tattoo by Stacey McCleaf - Chrome Gardens - Gettysburg, PA

The collection of 9-11 memorial and American pride tattoos I have received has gotten so large that it became necessary to create a new page just for those photos. I hope that it will only continue to grow over the years as there are still people getting these heartfelt tattoos even now. Go Directly to the 9-11/American Pride Gallery

How to Submit Your Own Photo
If you would like to add your own memorial or pride tattoo to this collection, just email me at tattoo@aboutguide.com with a clear photo at least 250 pixels square or larger in .jpg, .gif or .bmp format (files no larger than 1.5 MB). Please include the name of the collector (person wearing the tattoo) and the artist, the name of the studio where the artist works and its location.

To see dozens of beautiful tattoos already submitted to this site, go to the 9-11 Memorial and American Pride Gallery.

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