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Feature Artist - Gerry Beckerman

Feature Artist Gallery Page - Gerry Beckerman - Ozark Ink Tattoo


Gerry Beckerman

Years Tattooing: 25 Years

Current Location: Ava, Missouri

Name of Studio: Ozark Ink Tattoo

Position: Owner/Tattoo Artist

Contact Information: Ozark Ink Tattoo Website

Favorite Style: Black and Grey

From Gerry: "While I am well versed in all styles of tattooing I especially enjoy cover up work due to the unique challange each piece presents. I like working in a shop with walk in traffic because of the diversity. You never know who will walk in next wanting whatever put wherever! I feel blessed to be able to work at something I love doing and in an art form that is constantly evolving. Feel free to contact the shop with any questions you may have."

Gerry's Artwork That Has Been Submitted To This Site

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