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Dragon Art for Tattoo Ideas

What Kind of Dragon are You?


Asian Dragon Tattoo
Dragons have long been the fascination of man, be they real or fantasy. They have become the subject of brilliant stories of bravery, heroism and love. Some adventures point to the dragon as being the villain, ravaging cities and devouring innocents. Others make the dragon out to be the hero, saving the lives of many from some other heinous beast. Whether you see yourself as the dragon or the slayer, you probably have some kind of fond connection with these tales as many of us do. Dragons have also become a popular subject for tattoos. Just as with any other kind of tattoo design, finding just the right one for you is the key. Before you can do that, the question to be asked is: What kind of dragon are you?

To answer that, you have to become familiar with the many different types of dragons. There are Western dragons, usually associated with being evil, being able to fly and breathe fire. Eastern dragons, on the other hand, are usually noted for being good, lucky, wingless guardians of nature. Even among these two main types of dragon, though, there are many variations.

It can take a lot of research learning about the different types of dragons to find one that fits your own personality. Remember that no one is going to judge you for the dragon you choose - even if Eastern dragons are supposed to be evil, it doesn't mean you are if you choose one for its beauty. Here are a few places that can get you started in your search:

Dragons of Legend This site goes into extensive detail on the history of many different dragons, both Western and Eastern. With the use of pictures of ancient dragon art to more modern examples, it is a great way to get a clear sense of the ancient beliefs that started these legends.

Pictures and Galleries of Dragons

Now that you've decided what kind of dragon you are looking for, you'll want to browse through pictures to get an idea of how you want it to look. There is an abundance of dragon images on the Net, but sifting through them to find the best ones isn't easy. I've selected some of the best collections I have found to share with you here.

Karate Dragon Clip Art They call it clipart - I call it FLASH! These black and white drawings of Eastern dragons are perfect for use as tattoo designs. In this collection, you'll find 185 fabulous dragon images to choose from. The images are also large enough to show excellent detail and will be easy for any artist to adjust to your liking.

Karate Dragon Clip Art - Page 2 If the 185 images above wasn't enough for you, here's 84 more. Just as excellent as the other gallery, these simple outline drawings are as good as flash!

Dragon Pictures 180 of some of the most beautiful Western dragon art you can find. You can choose to view them at either high or low resolution. These images include digital imagery and fine art, some of which you may have seen on posters and t-shirts.

Remember, whatever dragon you choose is your decision. I hope these help to give you inspiration as you search for the perfect design. Always keep in mind that no tattoo has to be exactly like the original drawing. If you see 2, 3 or 10 pictures that you would like combined into one, a true tattoo artist will be able to do this for you. Also keep in mind that some of the full color art images are much too detailed to be replicated exactly as a tattoo, but they can be done very similar to the original with a little adjustment by your artist.

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