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Fairy and Pixie Clipart Images for Tattoo Ideas


butterfly fairy
Fairies (faeries) are another highly popular tattoo subject. They are probably a more sought-after design for women than men, but seeing as how the number of women being tattooed is steadily increasing, it warrants some discussion.

Fairies have different meanings for different people, just as with any other type of art. The nature of the fantasy, and the fact that many of us grew up on tales of small fairies doing great things, brings a certain amount of nostalgia to many of us. The desire to fly and have magical powers appeals to others. Maybe it is just their unabashed beauty, their closeness to nature, or their virgin-like purity. Whatever the reason may be, fairies and fairy art are seen more and more, making the decision when looking for a tattoo even more difficult.

In this feature, I am going to highlight some of the best websites I have found on fairy art. Going through all the lovely pictures and making a choice for a tattoo is still your job, but I hope you have as much fun browsing as I have! (Please Note: Some of the images may be copyrighted - please be respectful of copyright laws.)

Fairy Art by Various Artists
This is a private collection of fairy art done by various artists. These paintings and pictures display some popular fairies you may have already seen and are in high-demand by fairy lovers everywhere.

Mythical Menagerie
Be aware - there is music on these pages and the graphics load slowly. Despite that, this page deserves high praise for it's huge fairy gallery, featuring many different sizes, styles and artists.

Amy Brown Fantasy Art
Last, but certainly not least, is the works of Amy Brown. This site is actually a commercial site where Amy is displaying and selling these beautiful works of art. You can certainly get inspirational ideas here, but if you're not ready for the permanent version yet, you can take one of these lovelies home to display on your wall instead.

Aside from websites, there are also many, many books featuring even more fairies by the wonderful artists you will come to know with the above sites, such as books written by Brian Froud as listed at World of Froud. Check your local library and also check out some of the suggestions on the message boards.

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