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Tattoo as Right of Passage into Adulthood

I had my first tattoo when I was 20 years old as a testiment to the fact that I was no longer a teenager! I had wanted a tattoo ever since I can remember. I can remember watching the wrestling on telly with my Dad, and saying that I wanted some of those 'things' that the wrestlers had (being tattoos!)

So, in the summer just after my 20th birthday I went to a great tattooist in my local town. He had a great reputation, and had won lots of contests. He is actually the best in the UK (and has a certificate to prove it!)

I had designed the tattoo many years ago. It was a red and black Yin Yang surrounded by a sun. The Yin Yang was the centre of the sun. The tattoo is on my right shoulder. I had chose this because my sign is represented by the sun (I'm a Leo) I also love chinese culture.

I was slightly nervous to begin with, but I can honestly say that the pain was nothing! I had an ear infection the previous month, and the pain was more intense! Nothing like a tattoo. The needle felt like when you have sunburn, and you itch it. That's all!

I mean it can't have hurt me that much because I have just had another one on the bottom of my back. I went to the same great tattooist, and handed him my design. It was of 2 dragons. 1 male,1 female and in the middle of them was a lotus blossom. Again I chose this because under the chinese horoscope I am a fire dragon. Both of my tattoos mean something to me. I would never just go into a tattooist and get something like a strawberry on my arm!

You should always think about what you want. Just don't have one done on the spur of the moment because you think it is cool.


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