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Vertical Hood Piercing

Yesterday I finally had my navel pierced and went back today to get my vertical hood piercings.

I went to Basement, Ink. in Oak Forest, Illinois. This is where I plan on getting a tattoo which is supposed to start in a couple of weeks.

I'd been reading the forum at Tattoo/Body Piercings for a little while now and visiting the personal sites of some of the regulars. They are tattoo artists and piercers themselves. I've lost the fear of the unknown and felt very comfortable about what to expect so, got my piercings.

Normally I can't stand to have anyone touch my navel at all, its too sensitive but, I thought navel piercings are beautiful and I knew I would like to wear one. They are, it is and I do.

Joe did the piercing and he took his time to explain to me about the aftercare, what to expect, how it might feel and to answer any questions. He also told me about his license and how only two piercers in Illinois have his license. He assured me that if I ever purchase a ring from anywhere that I can bring it back to him to sterilize and he'd put it in for nothing.

I liked it so much and read the first hand experiences about vertical hood piercings that I knew my next piercing would be that.

I called the shop today to ask how long someone should wait between getting their navel and having their hood pierced. Joe wasn't in today but Terry was. I recognized his voice from being in the tattoo shop and he was also the very first person I met there when I went to see about my tattoo design in the first place.

Terry said that he is the piercer who does the genital piercings and that he'd be happy to do it for me right now if I wanted to come in.

I told him I was a little nervous and that I was going to take a shower to cool off first, (it was hot here today.)

He laughed and said that he would appreciate that.

He consulted with me and suggested that getting a gem barbell may not be the best to start off with so I got a surgical steel with balls on it.

Whew, that was nothing like the navel piercing. No way. I think I made it difficult for him also because reflexively I pushed away from him while he was piercing! I told him I was sorry. He said it was no problem at all because he continued with the piercing. Once I caught hold of my reflex I stopped pushing myself away and he had no problem finishing it up.

That totally surprised me. I mean, I think if my feet were not in the stirrups maybe I couldn't have gone anywhere.

So, you might want to keep it in mind to force yourself not to push yourself away from you piercer!

Terry was very kind about it and said not to worry. He did a great job and I am surprised by how pretty I think vertical hood rings look.

My suggestion is to really be certain that this is something you want. To do some research, know your piercer, and enjoy it.

It surprised me more than hurt because I knew it would be sensitive.

I was really surprised that neither my navel nor my hood piercings bled.

The navel piercing is for myself for my birthday gift, (37.) My vertical hood piercing is my happy divorce present, and the upcoming tattoo is a special way for me to honor my dodem.

Good luck, happy studying and researching, welcome to Tattoos/Body Modifications and enjoy your new adornments and art.


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