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One Body Mod to Another

My Tongue Piercing

I'd always wanted my tongue pierced since the idea had first entered my mind, probably when I was about 11 years old. I'd begged and begged my mother to let me do it, to no avail for years.

When I was 16, I finally decided, I didn't care if my mother wanted me to have it or not, she'll get over it and love me regardless of a little piece of metal through my tongue. So, needless to say, on a day in May, a friend of mine and myself went against both our parent's will, falsified our ages (I made a fake drivers permit, my friend stole her sister's ID) and we had our tongues pierced.

As a word of advice, don't falsify your age, just wait or beg your parents more. Most reputable piercing parlors will know if you have a fake ID, if they pierce you without proper ID, I would question their credibility as professional piercers. *Luckily*, my friend and I had a good experience with our piercer and have suffered no ill effects. So, if you're thinking about getting a fake ID and getting a piercing done, think again, don't put yourself in a bad situation. just tell your parents that you are going to do it anyway, and you'd rather play it safe, go to a reputable piercer that practices good sanitation and would like their consent.

we both opted for 10g barbells, a little larger than the standard 12g barbell. The procedure was not painful at all. I did not even feel the needle go through. However, afterward, my mouth felt really uncomfortable, but definitely not unbearable. The discomfort subsided in about 3 days. Now, I have an 8g barbell and I still very much love the piercing, almost three years later.

My Nipple Piercings

Since I had gotten my tongue pierced previously in my life, I knew I wanted another piercing and turning 18 was not far away. I wasn't sure what piercing i wanted. I'd wanted my lip pierced, but I was undecided -- I didn't want to close any doors of opportunity in relation to occupations. I'd also been considering having my nipples pierced, but I didn't know if I really wanted to deal with healing them for 6 months to a year.

Suddenly, all became clear. I had just turned 18 and I was at a club that I go to regularly, talking to a friend of a friend. I had not known him personally for more than a few days and we were just discussing random things that new acquaintances talk about. I had just broken up with my boyfriend, he had just broken up with his girlfriend, and we discovered that in addition to exiting relationships at the same time, we both had a lot of similarities. We joked, and said, "hey! we're so alike, we should get married."

Then the topic of piercing came up in conversation. We both wanted a new piercings, and he was thinking about getting his nipples pierced, and i said, "hey! me too!" (not to mention a guy with pierced nipples is ultra attractive to me)....so, right there and then, we set a date to go get our piercings done the following Tuesday, 3 days later.

That Tuesday, we headed down to Infinite Body Piercing in Philadelphia, and had our IDs checked, filled out forms, and waited for about 10 minutes before we were called back.

We were helped/pierced by Kevin. He was very friendly and he made me feel comfortable and at ease (he must have some talent to make a topless stranger-female comfortable!). The piercing room[s] smelled like doctor's offices and were set up and just as clean as a doctor's office. Kevin asked who wanted to go first, and Matt enthusiastically exclaimed, "ME!!! I will!!"

Kevin set up his equipment (with gloved hands, changing gloves several times the entire time we were there). He cleaned Matt's nipples, marked them with a non-toxic sharpie marker, gave the marker to Matt, asked him if he was ready and continued to clamp and pierce Matt's nipples. It took probably less than 30 seconds to pierce both of his nipples, and apparently, it had not hurt Matt at all, and the needle effortlessly slid through his nipple.

Now it was my turn. Kevin followed the same procedure with me after he disposed of the equipment he had used on Matt and set up new equipment for me. He carefully marked both of my nipples, as i was in a standing position and asked me if i was ok and ready to go. He clamped my nipple and told me to take a deep breath and that he would pierce on the exhale. OUCH. The first nipple hurt a bit, it wasn't really that unbearable. Just kinda felt like someone had bit it hard. It kind of shocked me a little at first because I was watching/anticipating pain. I took a short break and then I was ready for the second nipple. Matt distracted me by talking to me, and I barely felt the second nipple getting pierced.

Neither of us knew what getting our nipples pierced would mean. Now, I guess we can consider it our first "date." Currently, my nipples have healed nicely and it has been almost a year since they've been pierced and Matt and I have pretty much been inseparable ever since. Now, we joke that we are married and we've got rings to prove it. :)


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