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Immortal Images - Charlotte, North Carolina

Hello all. Just thought I would let you all know about some experiences I have had with IMMORTAL IMAGES in Charlotte, NC. These guys are the best and most professional I have ever dealt with.
I got some ink work done by Mark. He is a great guy and took the time to make sure he knew exactly what I wanted done and I am completely satisfied with his work and professionalism.
I didn't stop there though. The day wouldn't be complete without some metal going through my tongue. So Andrew was so gracious to impale me with his needle. I'm telling you, this guy didn't hurt me at all. He did my eyebrow about a week earlier and that didn't hurt either.
So if you live in the Charlotte area it would be worth your time to give them a shout. They are located at 3814 Monroe Road beside the Auto Bell car wash. You won't be disappointed with these guys.


I just wanted to say if you are thinking of a getting a tattoo definately check the artist out at immortal images first.I live in durham n.c. an I get all my tats done by Dave Scearce. He is a phenomenal tattoo artist. He moved to Charlotte to work at Immortal Images. I couldn't believe how professional their whole shop was. Anyway, for real just check'em out before you make any life long decisions.You definitely will be pleased.

-Ryan Haynes

I'd like to give mad props out to Steve Huntsberry at Immortal Images Tattoo in Charlotte, North Carolina. Steve and his shop are absolutely amazing. The quality of the art, and I say art, because the detail of his tattoos are pure beautiful art, not just another tattoo. His shop is the cleanest and largest one I have ever seen. You really have to see this place to believe it. It has two stories and even it just goes on and on. You will feel very comfortable here. Steve also does tattoo removal, yes, tattoo removal!!! It is expertly well done and at amazing prices. Thanks Steve! I hope everyone learns about you and your shop.


I will never go to any other place. Immortal Images was phenomenal. Although it is 2 1/2 hours from my home, I will continue going there. The shop was very clean, decorated, and comfy. The artists were very friendly and wonderful. My tattoo was done by Dave Scearce. I had so many compliments on my tattoo. It is a tribal butterfly on my left shoulder blade. Everyone thought it was fake-that is how awesome it looks. I plan to get a few more tattoos and I will go to Dave at Immortal Images for all of them.


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