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Creative Visions - Monterey, California

Stop by Creative Visions tattoo and body piercing on Lighthouse Ave in Monterey California. I went in with a friend of mine that wanted her belly button pierced. She was only fifteen so I was there with her and her Mom. Corey (the piercer) told her that he doesn't normally pierce anyone under 16 with or without parental consent. He named several reasons why he would rather my friend wait until she was older. My friend threw a fit and walked out of the shop complaining about how everyone has their belly's pierced at fifteen. Little did she know that Corey was just testing her maturity. By telling her she couldn't get it done and watching her reaction, he could see if she was mentally ready for a piercing. He wanted her to prove that she could stick with her cleaning routine and take care of the piercing correctly. That way when people ask her about her piercing and where she got it from, the shop maintains it's great reputation. I would have never expected any piercer to turn down an easy fifty bucks. Corey was concerned with the shop's reputation and my friends well-being. I know a great deal of people that have gotten things done there and all of them seem to love the shop. Go see Corey, he's as professional as you get in the piercing industry!


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