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Redbeard's Famous Living Canvas - Hot Springs, Arkansas

I began collecting my tattoos in beautiful Hot Springs, Arkansas at Redbeard's Famous Living Canvas. Redbeard and his lovely wife, Angie, own and operate their business and have about 6 or 7 tattoo artists and 2 piercers working seven days a week. I've had 8 tattoos done there, 3 by "Beard" and 5 by "Willow" (he's the guy with the really long hair and great sense of humor). Also have had ears and nipples pierced there. Relaxed atmosphere, yet super professional and clean environment. You can see everyone and their work at livingcanvas.net or come to Hot Springs for a visit!!


I got my first tattoo on Nov.21st of 2004. Will Garrabrant was the artist and I plan to go back to him for more tattoos in the upcoming future. Will is a very talented artist. I didn't feel a thing, NO PAIN at all. If anyone is ever in Hot Springs Arkansas and you want a tattoo, go to Redbeard's Living Canvas. I promise you will enjoy yourself. If not for the friendly service but for the talented artists working there.


I've gotten many tattoos at Redbeard's. All of them are awesome!!!!! My favorite was done by J.J. , it's a poitrait of Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue. It looks exactly like the picture I took him. They have a totally clean and safe tattoo shop.


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