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Windchimes Tattoos & Body Piercing - Wye Mills, MD

Give the guys at Windchimes (off Rt. 50 E on MD's Eastern Shore) a call! I had my upper ear pierced by a gentleman named Mike, I believe (it's been about two years). Also had a lovely tiger and kanji design done by Glen, on my upper back. I brought him an illustration and he free-handed a stencil for the design. It'll be a year in November (2004) and I've never had a problem with it. They are willing to answer any questions, talked about the procedures, and of course, clean areas, with fresh sterile needle. AND GOOD WORK FOR LOW PRICES!! Call them! 1-800-818-0813


I had my belly button pierced there a week and a half ago. Mind you, this has been done before about 10 years ago. That piercing got infected and after 6 months had to be removed.
Needless to say, I have done a lot of research and thought very hard about getting this done again. After much thought, I decided to check in with the guys at Windchimes.
I was taken right away without appointment. My piercer helped me pick out a navel jewel, which is recommended for quicker healing, and he basically joked and laughed with me and my niece to help lighten me up.
Within minutes I was out the door with my new beautiful piercing! He gave me solution for cleaning and explained what I needed to do to help the heling process.
I'm completely thrilled with my piercing. No one can believe that I just had it done because it looks so good. I keep telling them to get over to Windchimes!!


I got my belly button pierced by Steve and he was great. He kept me calm cuz i'm kinda scared of needles so when i get all my tatts he'll be the one to do them cuz i'd be nuts to go anywhere else!! -Missy

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