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Lost Art Tattoo - Salt Lake City, Utah


"I just want to give a shout out to these guys. they are all very nice people and amazing artists. they always made me feel like my time was important and i never felt like it was hard to communicate with these guys. VERY VERY recommended. i have been tattooed by Anthony Anderson, Gailon, Troy, and Dean. Excellent use of color and an all around enjoyable experience. if your looking for work in SLC, look no furthur then 4 east and south temple. Lost Art. enjoy."

-Brian Fischer

I just got my first tattoo from Dean at Lost Art, and it was a great experience! He was very friendly and super attentive to me as a first-timer. He drew up a perfect design that was exactly what I was thinking of (all-black circular henna-type design between my shoulder blades), and the detail is amazing! I'll definitely be going back for more work, and would recommend this shop, and especially Dean, to anyone, especially other first-timers!

-Andrea Severson

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