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Tragus and Anti-Tragus Ear Piercing Guide
Tragus piercings are very attractive, but a lot of people feel that they're very painful since the cartilage is so thick. Find out how much it hurts and many other ...
Conventional Piercing Guide - Ear - Tragus & Anti Tragus
Part of the Conventional Piercing Guide. This page describes the tragus piercing, including starter jewelry and healing times.
My Tragus Ear Piercing - Experience and Photos
Picture and story of my tragus piercing and my new favorite artist, Billy.
Tragus Piercing - Jewelry - About.com
What is a tragus piercing? Learn the meaning of the term.
tragus piercing - Calorie Count
about four weeks ago I got my tragus pierced anyone who has it, do you know if everytime you buy a captive ring for it, how do you take it out?
Conventional Piercing Guide - Ear - Daith
The daith is located just above the tragus, and the piercings are very similar. It is a piercing through a rather thick section of cartilage, which does make the ...
Piercing Guns - Tell Us What You Think About Piercing Guns - Jewelry
I had my tragus done with a piercing gun. At first, I felt dizzy and had severe headaches with minimal pain on the pierced part. Then after 3 days it seems like it ...
What piercings do professionals allow? - Calorie Count
I would assume that facial piercings are out of the question, but what if .... Multiple love piercings, cartilage piercings, and even a small tragus is ...
Ear Piercing Variations - Jewelry - About.com
The tragus is the triangular shaped piece of cartilage in front of the ear canal. It has become a popular spot for piercings, and is commonly decorated with ...
Body Art Glossary Definition - Tragus ear cartilage piercing
Definition: Cartilage piercing of the ear.The tragus is a thick layer of protruding cartilage just below the rook. Pronunciation: ...
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