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Tattoo Basics

You're ready to dive into the world of tattoos from their beginning to basic after care and FAQs. Meet the experts behind the machines and learn what to expect and where to place your first piece of body art.
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Discover a Tattoo Artist
Discover a Tattoo Artist

Where Do Tattoos Hurt the Most?
While the pain of a tattoo always varies many people wonder where do tattoos hurt the most as certain spots are much more sensitive to ink. Heed the advice of those before you and think twice before tattooing these areas if pain is your top concern.

The Cost of a Tattoo
Before you get inked make sure you can afford the cost of a new tattoo. Permanent art should be the absolute best that your money can buy. Don't settle, learn the cost of a tattoo before you end up paying for its removal by sacrificing quality.

First Tattoo FAQ
From healing your first tattoo to how much do tattoos cost, this first time tattoo FAQ answers many questions for those considering their first body art piece.

Does it Hurt to Get a Tattoo?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo? If you're thinking of getting inked, you're likely wondering if you can tolerate the pain factor. Here's some guidance on what to expect when you get a tattoo.

Dealing With Your Kid's Tattoo
Dealing with your child's first tattoo can be shocking as many times it can happen without parent consent despite age restrictions and tattoo laws. High school tattoos and trends have made kid's tattooing even more prominent. How can parents accept the risk of body art and modification?

How to Find Tattoo Ideas
Whether you opt for traditional tattoo flash or have your artist design a tattoo that's custom just for you, here's just a few ways to find tattoo ideas.

If you're wondering how to find a tattoo artist for your first tattoo, know the risks of getting a tattoo before you sit in the chair and make the commitment.

How Long Do Tattoos Take?
Rather than just wonder how much do tattoos cost, many people aren't quite sure how long a tattoo takes. Here's a brief overview of what to expect while completing your tattoo design.

Top Five Spots a Tattoo Artist May Refuse to Ink
You can forget all the trendy photos you've found on Pinterest or Tumblr. While the following top five spots a tattoo artist may refuse to ink look innocent (or not so innocent) enough, there's fair reasoning behind their distaste. And if they are worth their weight in the industry, they won't make these permanent marks on you without full disclosure.

Should I Shave My Arms to Show Off My Tattoo Sleeves?

Tattoo and Pain Coping Advice
Advice and tips for dealing with discomfort during the tattoo process.

Should You Take Your Minor to Get a Tattoo?

Tattoos Without Meaning

Should You Cover Up or Remove Your Tattoo?

Reader Question: Is it a Sin to Get a Tattoo?
I really want to get a tattoo but I am afraid it will be viewed as a sin within my church fellowship. I want to bear a cross tattoo, and I don't have any qualms about it, but my parents are nervous and my mom is embarrassed her friends in church will disown our family. Then she throws up military tattoos in her defense because she thinks the fact they are no longer visibly allowed as some sort of guideline to her own beliefs.

How Long Should You Wait Between Tattoos?
You've likely heard that tattoos are addictive, and you're ready to prove it as you quickly book your next artist appointment while still in the chair. Whether you're working on a full body project, or you're just excited to nail down that next design and placement, you'll want to wait until your body is ready for it's next session. How soon is too soon?

Tattoo Competitions

Aftercare for Foot Tattoos

Why Tattoos Will Never Go Out of Style
Tattoos aren't tacky. They aren't trashy, and they aren't going away. Tattoos are a permanent reminder that we wear our skin for just one lifetime. But along the way we create journeys and legacies and pass on freedom, hopes, and love to one another...through our hands, through our hearts, and through our eyes.

What Hurts the Most-Tattoo Outlining or Shading?

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