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Miami Ink Synopsis - March 14, 2006 - The Ink That Binds

This Miami Ink episodes shows how tattoos can be a significant connection between people we love, whether they are alive or dead. And sometimes, it can even signify a promise to love oneself. Also, Yoji and Bridgette are having problems so they attend couples therapy, and the M.I. crew helps babysit Sydney.

Sugar Skulls: History & Significance of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

The sugar skull is a popular icon in the tattoo culture, but it comes from an ancient Mexican holiday known as Dia de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead. Learn the significance of the sugar skull as part of this celebration and how it is used in modern times.

Cool Symbols for Tattoos

Get inspired for your next design with a cool symbol for a tattoo.

Interview with Tattoo Artist Randy Nichols

Longview, Texas tattoo artist Randy Nichols shares his tips, experience and advice for getting the best tattoo.

Tattoo and Pain Coping Advice

Advice and tips for dealing with discomfort during the tattoo process.

Om Tattoo

Express your spirituality and sense of calm with an om tattoo.

How to Decide Tattoo Placement

Whether you're deciding on your first or your fifth tattoo, you may be considering your design placement.

The Meaning of Owl Tattoos

Many people tattoo animals for both their significance and personal meaning. Birds in particular are a wise choice if you want a whimsical design. However, of all the birds in the wild there is only one who is the wisest, and that is the owl. Are you considering an owl tattoo?

Zodiac Leo the Lion Tattoos

Those born between July 23rd and August are fortunate enough to call themselves Leo the Lion of the zodiac. Representing both bravery and nobleness, the lion is a caring creature that has strong regard for the well-and protection of others.

Half Moon Tattoos

Celestial moon tattoos are a magical and enchanting choice for anyone who wants to ink the influences of goddesses and mythology.

Foo Dog Tattoos

Always depicted in pairs to represent both yin and yang, Foo Dogs, also known as protective lions, symbolize both prosperity and success as well as guardianship. If you want a unique tattoo design that is rich in both history and symbolism, a Foo Dog may be for you.

Diabetes Tattoos

Medical tattoos such as a diabetes tattoo help raise awareness while affirming positive lifestyle changes.

Gemini Tattoo Ideas

The Gemini twins of the zodiac should think twice about a tattoo design idea.

Interview with Tattoo Artist Clint Cummings

Interview with Tattoo Artist Clint Cummings

Nipple Piercing Pricing

A brief overview on what you can expect your nipple piercing to cost and a ballpark on the general fees associated with the procedure.

Interview with Ink Master's Sarah Miller

Exclusive interview with tattoo artist Sarah Miller, who claimed second place on SPIKE TV's Ink Master Season Two.

Spiritual Tattoos

Poems, buddhist scripture, the lotus flower and the cross are all symbols that can be used to create a meaningful spiritual tattoo.

My Time with the Beatles: Exclusive Interview with Photographer Henry Grossman

An exclusive interview with iconic photographer Henry Grossman, who captured thousands of never seen before pictures and released them in his book, "My Time with the Beatles: Places I Remember."

Cameo Tattoo Designs

Carve an eternal portrait of beauty with a memorial cameo tattoo.

Interview with a Steampunk Temporary Tattoo Designer

Just as tattoo artists are busy in their chairs, working on clients and establishing a design idea for a permanent piece of body art, Jeff A. Menges is busy doing the not-so-quite opposite. A graphic artist by trade, Jeff shares his work with body art enthusiasts as a temporary tattoo designer. With a passion for pirates and steampunk style, here's what makes the Skaircrow Graphics designer a tattooist, in the fantastical sense.

Interview with Erik the Lizardman Sprague

Erik the Lizardman Sprague is a professional sideshow freak with a forked tongue, a heavily tattooed green body and a vegetarian diet. He also has a BA in Philosophy and spills his thoughts on being a freak.

The Piercing Bible Interview

Exclusive interview with Master Piercer and author Elayne Angel.

Angel Tattoos

Celebrate a higher spirit with an angel or cherub tattoo design.

History of the Corset Piercing

Catherinde de Medicis banned thick middles, and that was all she wrote. Here's a look at the history of corsetry, and how a Victorian undergarment has become one of the latest trends in body piercing and extreme modification.

All About Mehndi

A ceremonial form of body painting, Mehndi is practiced for many reasons and occasions, including Blessingways, births, and weddings.

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