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Ink Master Tattoo Reality TV Show


Ink Master Tattoo Reality TV Show

Take a seat and watch the ink.

Image CC Courtesy tibChris@Flickr

Ink Master Tattoo Reality TV Show Competition:

Spike TV's Ink Master tattoo reality TV show challenges artists to put up their guns in the name of vain. After all, it is a body art competition.

Back for a second season, the heat is on and only the toughest, baddest and most creative tattoo artist takes the prize. (But everyone gets to share the stage with guitar hero Dave Navarro, which is sort of cool.)

Network and Time:

Spike channel Tuesdays 10/9C

First Aired:

Ink Master first debuted January 2011 in an effort to broaden the network's audience. A spike of 1.5 million viewers proved tattoo reality shows are the next throw down. Of course; they're tough.

Second Season:

Much to the satisfaction of avid and loyal viewers, Spike TV has just picked up another 13 episodes and plans to launch the start of Ink Masterseason two.

What It's About:

Ink Master invites 10 of the country's best tattoo artists and puts them head to head with living canvases as they battle in throw down matches of skill and creativity with hopes to win the grand monetary prize of $100,000, an in-depth editorial in Inked magazine and the prestigious title of Ink Master.

Just because an artist is good doesn't mean they can perform under pressure. Not everyone can take the cake. Ink runs, creativity staggers and permanent mistakes do happen.

Artists are selected through an extensive application process as are the living canvas volunteers. If you're feeling brave, why not subject yourself to the stage and hand of an artist under pressure?

The premise of the show is pretty simple. Artists have to take the stage and the heat and tattoo under pressure. Then they are thrown before the panel of judges who are ruthless in evaluating their tattoos for creativity, skill and completion.

So much for the theory that a good tattooist can tattoo anything. The truth is, most people do have a niche. Tattoo artists competiting for the Ink Master title have to show off their craft in a variety of different tattoo styles, including pinup, tribal and American-traditional. Line proportion, color and shading techniques are all up for review and tension is seriously stiff. This sort of reality competition leaves no room for jitters. Artists must remain calm under pressure and give every challenge their best or they're eventually voted out.


Without a doubt, there's plenty of arm candy on Ink Master . Host and former Jane's Addiction rock legend Dave Navarro judges in a panel alongside hardcore talents Chris Nunez of Miami Ink and Oliver Peck, one of the most celebrated old school style tattooists in the industry today.

If for none other than mere fascination, Ink Master brands a bold new mark on reality television. And just like a tattoo, viewers are back for more as the show carries on into its second season with more blood, sweat and tears.

Take a seat and watch the ink. It's addictive.

2012 Ink Master Winner Shane O'Neill:

Delaware's Infamous Tattoo shop owner and artist Shane O'Neill took the title for 2012's Ink Master. With a talent for portraits, Shane went into the Ink Master competition with confidence and will continue to share his talent at Infamous Tattoos.

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