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Body Jewelry - Online Retailers

There are countless numbers of body jewelry stores online and in every mall, but that doesn't mean they all sell quality jewelry or have a reputation for good service. These online body jewelry retailers have both and provide a large variety of beautiful jewelry to choose from.

LeRoi Body Jewelry

LeRoi is a favored company - not just by collectors but also by piercing professionals when stocking their own shops. LeRoi features high quality jewelry and a very classy selection.

Tribalectic, Inc.

High quality jewelry, large selection and competitive prices. They actually have several different manufacturers that they pull together into one convenient location for you to shop.

Kolo Body Jewelry

Kolo Body Jewelry is based in Atlanta, Georgia and has an online store. You'll find a huge selection here and a lot of it is not your average-every-day body jewelry. Don't expect to find low prices here, but you will be getting a whole lot of bang for your buck.

Chain Gang

Excellent online body jewelry shop with large selection and some of the best prices.


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