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Body Piercings Information Guide


Types of Body Piercings:

Learn the names, placement and other details about the most common body piercings.
Conventional Piercing Guide

Learn about the risks and care needs that go along with getting these intimate piercings.
Female Genital Piercings
Male Genital Piercings

Frequently Asked Questions:

Most questions you may ask have already been answered. Find the information you seek.
General Piercing FAQ
Nipple Piercing FAQ
Embarrassing Questions You Were Afraid to Ask

Choosing the Studio and Artist:

Finding the right studio and artist to get your piercing from are key to having a good and safe experience.
Choosing the Right Piercing Artist
What to Expect from Your Piercing Studio

Safety Issues:

Body Jewelry Options:

Discover the differences between the different types of body jewelry and the materials used to create them.
Different Materials Used to Make Body Jewelry
Internal Vs. External Threading
How to Open, Remove and Insert CBR Jewelry

Pictures of Body Piercings:

Stretching Your Piercing/Gauging Up:

Increasing the size of your piercing can be dangerous if not done right.
How to safely Stretch a Piercing
Will a Stretched Piercing Shrink Back When the Jewelry is Removed?

Related Video
What to Expect During a Nose Piercing

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