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Lobe Piercings - Guide to Ear Lobe Piercings


Ear Lobe Piercings
Definition: Ear lobe piercings are obviously the grandfather of all body piercings. They can be traced back to ancient civilizations and have a vast history. The lobe is the easiest place on the body to pierce and has the highest success rate when it's done properly. It heals well, and can be adorned with many different styles of jewelry. Lobe piercings can also be stretched, an ancient practice that continues to have great influence in modern society.

Unfortunately, the invention of the piercing gun has made modern ear piercings even more risky than tribal ritual piercings done hundreds of years ago. No piercing, including the earlobe, should be done with a gun or squeeze trigger piercing apparatus. Please avoid department store and mall kiosk piercing stations - the people there are not trained on proper sterilization methods and everything about gun piercings is the exact opposite of how a piercing should be executed and treated. For more information, read Piercing Gun vs. the Needle.

Recommended Starter Jewelry: You've got plenty of jewelry options for a lobe piercing - CBRs and circular barbells come in a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes. I don't recommend anything smaller than 16 gauge for a lobe piercing, and even if you want to stretch to a larger size eventually, your first piercing shouldn't be any larger than 12 gauge.

The earlobe heals pretty well, but exposure to bacteria is high risk so proper cleansing is essential. Earphones, telephones, pillows, makeup, and hairspray are just a few sources of bacteria and irritants that can make healing any ear piercing more difficult. Initial healing, allowing for jewelry change, takes about 6-8 weeks. That doesn't mean it's completely healed inside and out, though, so you can't stretch your lobe that quickly.

If you're interested in more information on stretching a lobe piercing, please read How to Safely Stretch a Piercing.

A lobe orbital is two lobe piercings connected with one CBR loop, so the jewelry looks as if it "orbits" the ear, like Saturn's rings.

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