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Interview with Tattoo Artist Clint Cummings


Interview with Tattoo Artist Clint Cummings

Image courtesy Clint Cummings

Image courtesy Clint Cummings
Owner of Sparrows Tattoo in Mansfield, Texas, Clint Cummings began tattooing over ten years ago, specializing in custom work including portraits and traditional. After being selected to contest on SPIKE television's Ink Master , Clint earned a respectable name within the industry for his talent, skills, attitude and of course his wild Mohawk.

How did being on Ink Master affect your career?

Basically good, but I kind of had a career before the whole show. It's funny how the world works, there are so many great artists out there. But then you put someone like me on TV and suddenly I'm the best thing. And I appreciate that, I really do. Sometimes I just sit back and look at the guys I know who are just fantastic tattoo artists, and I don't know why I get the attention that I get.

Do you think that television has helped educate people in what quality tattooing should look like?

Yes I would defiantly agree with that, totally. The work that we did on the show especially Sarah , and myself and Lalo and Steve. We were putting out good quality work and showing people the difference between a one hundred dollar and a five hundred dollar tattoo. I think if we can keep it up we can educate people and get them in the right direction and have them do a little research and put a little more respect into body art.

Do you think your style has changed since being on Ink Master?

I think I'm the same I just learned a lot from the show. I learned to look at my work and make sure that it makes sense and to take my time applying texture. Things that I didn't use to put as much into, I apply much more effort now.

Is there any one type of tattoo or style that you have been wanting to do but haven't found the right canvas for?

I'm open to anything. I would like to do more Japanese, so I've hanging out with James Vaughn from the first season. I've been trying to stay with him and learn as much as I can. Because of how bad I was before with it I've really been wanting to learn it and it's really about putting yourself in the right place with the right artist.

What is your show calendar like for 2013?

It's crazy. I have Australia, Hawaii, Ohio, Phoenix, Arizona and the rest of the Ink Life tour. This will be my first international trip.

Any new goals on the horizon?

My goal this year is just focus on my art and make a little money off of it. You want to sell your art to get people tuned into it, and then you can get people tuned into getting tattooed. Tattoo artists get more respect and notoriety if they have artwork that they put out on a consistent basis. The only problem is I am so busy tattooing. I'm a grown ass man. The last thing I want to do is tattoo all day and come home and paint.

Do you have any plans for your awesome Mohawk?

Whatever SPIKE TV has planned. Between my on camera persona and my hair, it's something kind of hard to find in a tattoo artist. Right now they would appreciate if I waited. Basically I'll grow it out and do the long hair thing. If I put my hair up it's asking for attention and sometimes I just don't want it.

Do you have a favorite hair gel to hold your Mohawk?

I use Got 2 B gel.

What is favorite tattoo convention and why?

It has to be Ink Life . All my friends are there, the bands are really good. And we always have dinner with the artists before and after the show and it feels like we're all on the same page and have respect for one another.

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