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Artist Bio- Josh Collins


Artist Bio- Josh Collins

Image courtesy Collins Voodoo Tattoo

Image courtesy Collins Voodoo Tattoo
Josh Collins is a tattoo artist and owner of Collins Voodoo Tattoo in Muncie, Indiana. From his love of vintage trucks to his wicked and creative tattoo designs, Josh has an old school vibe about him that shows his passion for the true art of tattooing.

Collins is seasoned in many ways. He's not much for computers and would rather chat on the phone than type on a keyboard, and he's just the sort of tattoo artist you'd frequent if you want an authentic, badass black and grey tattoo in an original design.

His upscale Muncie, Indiana shop has hardwood floors, granite countertops and a nice collection of artwork rather than tattoo flash hung on the walls.

"Today's "new school" tattooists have no respect for the old school artists like we were taught." Josh adds with wit, "They're no school. "

Since Josh has been tattooing for quite some time, he's seen the tattoo industry change from Sailor Jerry flash to Judy Parker's, though he'd much rather get "kicked in the nuts" than draw angels or animals (with all due respect to Judy Parker.)

Josh specializes in creative tattoo designs and also offers complete cover-up services in his Collins Voodoo Tattoo studio. Whether it be biomechanical or a classic car, Collins offers the perfect tattoo experience for the collector and first timer alike. In other words, tattooing done the way it should be.

You can check out some of Josh's work on his Facebook page gallery located here.

When Josh isn't busy in the shop, he likes anything fast and his hobbies include being a proud member of the Voodoo Kings Car Club.

While some of Josh's artist influences are some of the greatest in the industry, from the colorful musings of Ron Earhart to the masterful skills of Filip Leu, Collins has his own distinct style about him.

"After seeing tattoo artist Aaron Cain's first shit in Tahoe, I was blown away, it was out of hand." And that was it for Josh Collins, a tattooist was born. "Hook, line and sinker. That's just a bit of history."

You can check out Collins Voodoo Tattoo shop here , and if the music doesn't get you in the mood to stop by, then I don't know what will.

When Were You Born?

November 13th

Year You Started Tattooing:

I started slingin in '92.

How You Became Interested in Tattooing:

My dad's buddy Crazy Wayne came by with a "Born to Raise Hell" tattoo on his forearm and I thought he was the coolest guy on earth. I was about seven years old.

As a tattooist, I've traveled and worked from Cali to New York and everywhere in between. Then I opened Collins Voodoo Tattoo in Muncie, Indiana.

Favorite Style/Genre of Tattooing:

I love black and grey tattoos.

Tattoo Artists You Are Inspired By:

Filip Leu, Aaron Cain and Ron Earhart. Old man Mush from S.Lake Tahoe that I'd get killer single needle work from that still looks killer 25 yrs later. I took all the things he taught me to heart, when I was apprenticing in S.Lake Tahoe.

Jason Dugan, my old partner and dear friend. He and I had a shop in Austin, Texas back in 95 for a few yrs until we learned the valuable lesson called insurance.


Published over the last decade by International Tattoo, Tattoos for Women, Savage Tattoo and Old School Rods

Where You Work/How to Contact You:

Appointments can be booked with Josh at his Collins Voodoo Tattoo shop below:

Collins Voodoo Tattoo

413s Tillotson Ave.

Muncie, Indiana

Phone (765) 286-5059

Muncie, Indiana is home to Ball State University and the infamous Ball canning jars. This noted city in Indiana is home to many college students who are always looking for the best in artistic tattoo talent. Josh Collins has been reviewed as one of the finest artists in the area. To view some of Josh's current work and connect with the studio, visit Collins Voodoo Tattoo on Facebook here.

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