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Noel the Freak - Inside the Mind of a Body Manipulation Artist


You may have seen him during one of the audition shows of America’s Got Talent this year. He calls himself “Noel the Freak” and looks every bit the part with his painted face, multiple tattoos and piercings (including large gauge metal clips hanging from his ears) not to mention his entourage of two huge guys known as “his Vikings” who wear kilts and carry sledgehammers. Their act consists of various daring but crazy stunts such as Noel hanging large metal hooks from his lower eye sockets. The hooks are attached to a concrete block at the ends of two heavy chains while his Vikings – Lurch and Butterhorn – smash the block with the sledgehammers as Noel takes the impact with a big grin of pure satisfaction, both for the well-executed stunt and for the audience’s mixed reactions of everything between cringing and clapping.

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