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Body Piercings and Sexual Issues, Part 2

Male Genital Piercings


For Your Partner's Pleasure
If you're a man and have considered getting a genital piercing for the purpose of pleasuring your partner, you may wonder which piercings provide the most stimulation or how one piercing may be preferred over another by your mate. This is perfectly normal, and frankly commendable considering that one's own pleasure is many times the primary concern when it comes to sex.

Unfortunately, there's no real cut-and-dry response as to which piercing may be the best choice. It can depend on several factors such as the gender of your partner, the nature of your sexual routine, whether or not you use prophylactics (condoms), and whether or not your partner is turned on by the idea of you being pierced. It also should be noted that sometimes it is advisable to remove genital piercings during sex, so the type of piercing you have may be a moot point during the sexual act itself.

Women have two major erogenous zones in the genital region - the clitoris and the elusive "G-spot". Any piercing that comes in contact with either of those areas may improve the stimulation felt there. However, that depends greatly on your technique and ability to stimulate those regions in the first place. A piercing doesn't suddenly turn you into a mad love-making genius. You've got to know what you're doing before you go adding extra hardware to your toolbelt.

If you have a male partner, a piercing that directly stimulates the anus or perineum will probably be the most pleasurable to them. However, since the use of a condom is strongly recommended during anal sex, that may affect how a piercing stimulates your partner.

For Your Pleasure
There's nothing wrong with wanting to get a little extra pleasure out of the sexual experience for yourself, too. If you're interested in getting a piercing that will provide you with more enjoyment, you will need to condsider your own preferences. Where are your erogenous zones? What do you find visually and physically erotic? Which piercing do you think would provide you with the most sexual gratification? It's a very personal decision, and not one anyone else can really help you make.

The best way to come to a decision about what piercing to get is to talk with your partner and fully research the different piercings available. If you try a piercing and find that it doesn't stimulate you or your partner as you had hoped, it can always be removed and another attempt at a different piercing can be made.

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