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I have sensitive skin; I can't even have my ears pierced. What about my nose?


Question: I have sensitive skin; I can't even have my ears pierced. What about my nose?
Answer: If you really can't even get your ears pierced, I would say that it's a good chance that you also wouldn't be able to get your nose pierced. However, I haven't met that many people that really couldn't be pierced at all as long as it was done properly. If you're having difficulty from piercing guns and the lousy stud jewelry they pierce you with, that very well could be the source of your problem.

Many people who have had nothing but problems from gun/stud piercings have been pleasantly surprised when they got a piercing done properly with a needle by a professional piercer. If you are highly sensitive to nickel, you can be pierced with titanium jewelry, which is virtually nickel free.

I would suggest that you try this, but on your ears first. Get the piercings and see how it goes. There is a very good chance that you will find that you can have piercings after all. Then you can move on to other areas of the body, if you decide to do so.

Does a professional piercing with high quality jewelry cost more than a mall store gun piercing special? Sure it does - and it's worth every penny if you really want to be able to have piercings without all the problems.

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